Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brain Fingerprinting: Using Science To Prove My Innocence

Here is how KARE-11 accurately reported what I told them about Brain Fingerprinting in 2006:

"Evenstad believes the reason the woman wants him to remain behind bars is that once he's out and takes what is called a brain fingerprinting exam it will clear him of raping the woman."

Here is what Mr. Hoff publicly stated about me:

"Uh huh. Brain fingerprinting exam. (Finger pointed at head, swirly motion)

Get out your tinfoil hats, folks, the kooky mind waves coming up this guy could fry your cerebral cortex if you're facing forward."

Compare with what real journalist Rueben Rosario of the St. Paul Pioneer Press wrote about my "kooky mind":

Here is more info:

Dr. Larry Farwell is an integral part of my Exoneration Strategy and Team:

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