Tuesday, December 4, 2012

P.I. Peter J. Dahl: Incompetent & Unethical Ripoff

Minnesota Investigator Peter J. Dahl was paid $5,000 by my elderly Dad to videotape a location I have never been, but was deemed to have been anyway by Judge Francis J. Connolly (www.FrancisJConnolly.com) Peter Dahl was instructed to mail a copy of this videotaped evidence to Dr. Lawrence Farwell In Iowa, who was awaiting the evidence in order to construct his historic Brain Fingerprinting testing on me.

This evidence was never received by Dr. Farwell or his staff in Iowa. When Peter J. Dahl was asked about what had happened and requested to send an additional copy of the original tape to Dr. Farwell, Dahl was very hostile and he attempted to be intimidating in relaying that he sent the "original" and he did not make any copies. MN Investigator Peter J. Dahl ripped my elderly father off of $5,000.

More details soon at: www.PeterJDahl.com

Frederick J. Goetz (Fred Goetz): Super Predator

A significant contributing factor to my wrongful conviction was the incredible arrogance, egocentrism and incompetence of "Super Lawyer", Frederick (Fred) J. Goetz who lied to my Dad and I in 1998, and took advantage of us when we were at our most vulnerable. Goetz is a ruthless predator that will say anything and tell any lie to con a client out of a retainer. This is an attorney so incompetent he couldn't get an innocent client acquitted. I would meet many of Goetz' victims in prison over the next many years, and to a man they all said that Goetz was only in it for the money. Fred is a ruthless predator in a Bow-Tie. His Tried-'N-True Modus Operandi (M.O>) is to throw his clients' cases intentionally at trial to demand $25,000.00 for him to handle the appeal. This is precisely what Fred Goetz did to me.

After Beth Roberts used the lies from Aaron Gardner and Jennifer Anderson as a pretext to play her War Games at my home in 1998, I was thrown in jail and abused and beaten by the jail staff. While battling these gutless cowards in the clink, I was meeting attorneys to hire to defend me. I met Dan Guerrero of the Mesbesher Law Firm, and Dan wanted $10,000 for my case.

My older brother Robert had worked for Steve Meshbesher back in the day, so I figured Dan would be a good selection as he had a good reputation and was working with a well respected firm. Fred Goetz was on my list to meet after Guerrero the same day. Fred Goetz came into the bowels of the jail and sold me a bill of goods. Like a cunning predator sizing up his competition and prey, Goetz carefully vetted me as to who I had met with previously, how much the other attorneys were asking, and similar questions allowing him to access the information he needed to move in for the kill.

Once Frederick J. Goetz learned that I was seriously considering hiring Mr. Guerrero, he told me that Guerrero was a "lazy" attorney and was not a good option, that he (Goetz) went "to law school with Stu" (HCAO Ass't Attorney Stuart Shapiro), and this whole thing would quietly go away if we agreed to pay him $7,500 blood money, up front. Needless to say, Freddie Boy got his money, and 15 years later nothing has gone away, and my life and my name has been destroyed via false rape conviction.

After Goetz was given his $7,500 and I had hung up the phone with who should have been the Star Witness at my Rape Trial, I called Goetz to tell him the miraculous news that I had the exculpatory phone call tape recorded, and that this evidence would corroborate my "Conspiracy Theory", and that this would force my false charges to be dismissed or acquittal at trial.

Frederick J. Goetz chewed my ass for bothering him at the home phone number he had given me and told me to call freely in his thirsty sales pitch for my family's money, told me I was interrupting his viewing of "The Usual Suspects", and hung up on me. I turned around and told my Dad what he did. Goetz would later refuse to provide my jury with ANY INFORMATION about the Conspiracy Theory, and he never called this witness, nor even produced this exculpatory transcript to the Court.

Transcript to be posted soon...POST IN PROGESS

Much more info available soon at: www.frederickjgoetz.com