Tuesday, December 4, 2012

P.I. Peter J. Dahl: Incompetent & Unethical Ripoff

Minnesota Investigator Peter J. Dahl was paid $5,000 by my elderly Dad to videotape a location I have never been, but was deemed to have been anyway by Judge Francis J. Connolly (www.FrancisJConnolly.com) Peter Dahl was instructed to mail a copy of this videotaped evidence to Dr. Lawrence Farwell In Iowa, who was awaiting the evidence in order to construct his historic Brain Fingerprinting testing on me.

This evidence was never received by Dr. Farwell or his staff in Iowa. When Peter J. Dahl was asked about what had happened and requested to send an additional copy of the original tape to Dr. Farwell, Dahl was very hostile and he attempted to be intimidating in relaying that he sent the "original" and he did not make any copies. MN Investigator Peter J. Dahl ripped my elderly father off of $5,000.

More details soon at: www.PeterJDahl.com

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