Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spreigl Doctrine (Rule 404b/Other "Bad Acts"/"Crimes" "Evidence"

One of several reasons I was wrongfully convicted is because then Hennepin County District Judge Francis J. Connolly allowed in Fabricated/Perjured testimony from Spreigl witness, A.R.M. after ruling from the bench that the State's "Case-in-Chief" was too weak to support a rape conviction.

Hennepin County Assistant District Attorney, Shuart Shapiro and Lead Investigator Richfield Police "Agent" Beth Roberts both knew this testimony was perjured and that I had never met this "victim" in person. They knew this at the time of my trial in 1999, let alone after the recantation evidence Connolly heard from Karen Whalen in 2002. Connolly had numerous opportunities, as did Agent Roberts to cut the cord and focus the efforts of the criminal justice system on the source of the False Report of a Felony Crime made to police by my complainant after her parents confronted her about my having called their home and relaying that I wanted to speak with them about their daughter's behavior/conduct.

Due Process compelled Francis J. Connolly to dismiss this case at this point, but Francis J. Connolly knew that if I was acquitted that I would sue the Hennepin County Jail (which I did years later--successfully) for the abuse, neglect and savage assault that Deputy Ramon Walton inflicted upon me as an Innocent Pre-Trial Detainee while Deputy Czech provided Security for this THUG in a  Uniform in this corrupt "Justice System" which is actually run by the most sophisticated criminals of them all--the police, prosecutors and judges. Connolly knew I would sue Beth Roberts, Brett Pertler and Gary C. Cayo if he didn't ensure that Justice was done Hennepin County style and I go down for a rape that never happened.


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