Thursday, April 11, 2013

VHS TO DVD: 3/5/98 & Brain Fingerprinting

I've dropped off 2 old VHS tapes to be transferred to one DVD. This DVD will feature the 3/5/98 Eyewitness News report about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with me on camera with Mike Mabe working to PROTECT women and unborn children. This report aired the night before Agent Beth Roberts' leading a gang of wanna be thugs with their guns and badges to break and enter my home, yell threats at me at gunpoint, and force me out of my residence in handcuffs to go behind bars for a decade for a crime the police, prosecutor and judge know never happened. This report speaks volumes about my case and the second report is from WDIO Eyewitness News Report about my desire to prove my INNOCENCE THROUGH BRAIN FINGERPRINTING.


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