Wednesday, September 11, 2013


While Hannah Seward, Angie Meyer, Beth Roberts, ( ) Stu Shapiro, Francis Connolly ( ) Fred Goetz ( ) and many other criminals involved in my case woke up on September 11, 2001 to the horrors of the morning and the day free and able to be with and call friends, family and loved ones and experience the day together and free, I had a very different experience thanks to the evil, sick people named.

I woke up in Prison, as I had woke up for nearly four years by then in either the filthy, violent Hennepin County Jail, where I fought my fabricated criminal case for 371 days while enduring torture to elicit confessions from me for the 3 "rapes" (Beth Roberts & Stu Shapiro SWORE OUT FALSE COMPLAINTS AGAINST ME) that Aaron Gardner, Jennifer Anderson, Hannah Seward, Angie Meyer, Beth Roberts, Brett Pertler, Gary Cayo, Stuart Shapiro and others had framed me for.

I woke in in my double-bunked cell with a real sex offender, Norberto Salinas as my forced State Cell Mate. Salinas shared with me his violent fantasies involving raping innocent women upon his upcoming release from prison. Salinas was (and still is) a member of an extremely violent prison gang that will seek you out and stab you up, if not kill you outright if they even suspect you have  violated their gang/prison code and "snitched" on any of their people.

Despite very real and visceral fear for my safety and my very life I went to the prison investigators (Office of Special Investigations) OSI with my information involving my cell mate's stated intentions to sexually reoffend and OSI promptly set a meeting for me the following day with Detectives from Faribault Police Department and Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office to take my tape recorded Statement/testimony against Salinas--a real sex offender. Salinas was committed to,the MSOP largely on my information.

John Kirwin left that out of my Petition for Commitment as Sexually Dangerous Person and Sexual Psychopathic Personality. John Kirwin Petitioned an innocent MN citizen for sexual civil commitment who had never "committed" (Pardon Pun) a SEXUAL CRIME IN HIS LIFETIME!!!

John Kirwin left that part out of my Petition, as well as the other times I went to OSI under dire threat to my safety to inform them of other real criminal's intentions to harm women or children sexually. YES, THIS WAS THE STATE' S "RAPIST"...ME. Risking my life to save women and kids!!! ME

I turned on my 12" Color TV just in time to see the first plane hit the Tower. Then I ran out of my cell to the Day Room where a larger, State TV resided and saw the second plane hit the other Tower.

A little Hispanic man everyone called Rocky was doing his usual sweeping/mopping ("Swamping") of the hallways.

Rocky is Alfonso Rodriquez, Jr.

I was forced, under threat of going to Segregation to attend my job as a Tutor at the Education Area. Sally Johnson was my Teacher. Nice, courageous lady. Robert Emmerich was another Tutor. Everyone called him "Magic" because he apparently mastered the Magic Trick of Hide The Salami with Kids as a Clown or Magician or whatever sick grooming and offending conduct turned his crank.


Magic was committed to MSOP. I would see him in MSOP-St. Peter years later thanks to John L. Kirwin and Judge H. Peter Albrecht--two corrupt cowards who are complicit in numerous Human Rights Violations of the most egregious kind via dozens, if not 100's of committed Low, Medium & High (But NOT SVP LEVEL RISK) Risk Sex Offenders who no more meet true commitment standards under the U.S. Constitution than Albrecht or Kirwin themselves! Hypocrites! Evil!!!

Unlike the cruel, evil criminals who conspired to lock up an innocent man, I was not allowed to call my Mother or my Dad, my Sister, Nephew, one. I had to accept being confined, involuntarily on this day, just one of 4 years of days I had been unjustly incarcerated as an INNOCENT MAN WHO NEVER COMMITTED A SINGLE "CRIME" I WAS EVER CHARGED WITH BY STU "ShitBird" Shapiro ( ) who I saw in person and looked into his cold, beady little eyes not three weeks ago. God works in mysterious ways and through my Faith and His Grace, He brought me Face-to-Face with this little cowardly criminal and his gray hair and his sickly, AIDS-Like gauntness that he and John Kirwin share being evil through and through.

I had to spend my day on 9/11 with Sally, Magic, my students, and watch the events unfold on the Prison TV.

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