Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beth Roberts Discipline

Here is Beth's dedication to Protect & Serve:

They conveniently left this out of their "Official" File: Framed me for a number of "victims" during her "investigation".

State Law requires all Police Departments in the State of Minnesota to permanently retain all Homicide and Criminal Sexual Conduct cases, yet the City of Richfield claim they destroyed my file.

Why would Beth Roberts and the City of Richfield and their City Managers want to disappear my file? Because they violated my Civil and Constitutional Rights and violated State and Federal Law in order to see their Agenda (and that of the Hennepin County Attorney's Office, who feared Trial in my Jail Case which I succeeded in and accepted a Settlement Under Duress) fulfilled at my expense, and at my loved one's expense. Convict an Innocent Man that all involved knew was innocent of rape.

Good thing I kept multiple copies of whatever those criminals at Richfield ever allowed me to have.

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