Thursday, November 7, 2013

HCDC Dot Com

Due to the illegal and unconstitutional conduct of HENNEPIN COUNTY "Public Servants" Referee Jason T. Hutchison, Judge Denise Reilly and Chief Judge Daniel Mabley, I've dedicated Public Service websites in their honor:

The Public has a right to know what goes on in their Court System, and what has gone in the 4th Judicial District since I excercised my First Amendment Right to contact Darryl Seward with a peaceful, non-violent communication has been nothing short of an old-fashioned railroading by these criminals in their Referee/Judge Costumes who will be held fully accountable under law.

My legal team is now focusing on the record in Hennepin County District Court File #27-CV-13-10609, and there will be upcoming proceedings in HCDC or an expedited appeal, despite "Judge" Denise D. Reilly's EMOTIONAL OUTBURST CLAIMING THE "MATTER IS CLOSED" Lol :))

The illegal, unconstitutional, violation train which is Chief Judge Dan Mabley's Fourth "Judicial" District Court is about to be derailed by my legal team. Watch.

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