Saturday, December 28, 2013

Smith & Mayer = Bologna!

Oscar MAYER has a way with BOLOGNA! Ed Smith and Momma Bear Stephanie Mayer are under active police investigation and my legal team is working on our Complaint(s) seeking >$75,000.00 in Compensatory and Punitive Damages each after I finally received the Police Report that proves with an airtight alibi I was nowhere near Mound before Noon on 12/19 and that I never visited Lakewinds. Now their dangerous, unnecessary game has been reversed and the Hunters become the Game. Very, very sick people vindictive people and I'm sure Momma Mayer is routinely abused by her violent boyfriend(s) and husband(s) based on her sick false beliefs about me she's destroyed her daughter's life over which likely represents her barely repressed rage over Ed's Abuse and Violence perpetrated on Stephanie and likely young Grace.
They are facing jail and expensive lawsuits for their vindictive lies when all I ever did was check my mail and move out! NEVER EVICTED FROM LAKEWINDS! Stephanie Meyer 's AFFIDAVIT IS PERJURY! Ask if I was "evicted" Lol! My landlord was Ray Brau for 3+ years & the guy loves me! 952-994-5762...Game, Set & Match!
True Amateurs Operating out of Bad Faith and LYING TO POLICE WHICH IS  
I will pray for them while suing them. 

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