Sunday, December 8, 2013

Susan Robiner: Corruption

HCDC Judge so corrupt she falsely labels me as a "violent" "sex offender"--both of which are a laughable joke at this point to anyone paying any heed to the State's despicable lies, denies me my 2nd Amendment Right which the Constitution says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, and after the Fact bases her Denial in part on my lack of corroboration to my representations as to what my ISR Agent and my Tx Provider think of me and my DOC OSI records.

She doesn't point these things out to me before her decision that these would help me if I obtained them and provided them to her. Typical corrupt, unethical "judge". Shapiro & Kirwin's PUPPET along with the rest of this bench of criminals who soon will be the ones under investigation and facing prosecution for their criminal conduct as is getting close to happening at the MSOP. 

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