Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Edward Smith Assault Update

The fabricated Police Report by Orono PD Officer Kyle Russeth that Stephanie Mayer's ridiculous HRO was kind enough to alert me to has been corrected to accurately reflect that I was the Complainant/Reporting Party, and Smith and Mayer were the suspects. That correction Chief Farniok offered to handle last week likely kept me from suing Ofc. Russeth and City of Orono/Orono PD.

As it stands this corrected Police Report will serve as my judicial instrument to obtain my own HRO's vs these people who illegally stalked, pursued, threatened and assaulted me in September and then after being kind enough not to have them arrested that night when asked by the police what I wanted them to do: Take them into custody or let them remain loose in the community.

They've made me regret my leniency I showed them and their behavior in December of fabricating allegations in Sworn Statements (Perjury) and in Police Reports (False Info to Police). Now I will challenge the HRO's at Hearing with the Twitter Account info I have with Screenshots showing Stephanie Mayer's level of obsession with me in that AFTER SHE COMMITTED PERJURY in her Affidavit re HRO AND WAS GRANTED A TEMPORARY HRO SHE STALKED ME ON TWITTER FOLLOWING ME WHEN I HAD MADE NO EFFORTS TO LOCATE, let alone Follow her! Also, the corrected Police Report showing I was the victim in September and victimized via HRO and the fabricated reports to police claiming I went to Lakewinds on Thursday,  December 19 has my legal team and I thrilled to take this false allegation to jury and then sue everyone involved from Mayer/Smith to Tony Wittke/Orono, Ken Potts & Co. for the mental duress and Orono PD for refusing to arrest/cite Stephanie Mayer and Ed Smith for their easily proved False Info to Police!
via medical alibi and multiple witnesses of my own who are mentally sound and have no reason to lie.


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