Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dr. Amy Phenix

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    To:,, Ardy Sorensen,, Brittany Compagnone, NY Times,,
    From:Tom Evenstad (
    Sent:Fri 2/14/14 1:02 AM
    To: (; (; Ardy Sorensen (; (; Brittany Compagnone (; NY Times (; (; (

    Hi Amy

    Remember me? I'm @MN_InnocentMan you tried to send away for the rest of my life, as you have done to so many other innocents of "future" crimes with your evil machine to make money ay the expense of human beings GOD GIVEN LIBERTY AND VERY LIVES. YOUR CRIMINAL CONSORTIUM CALLED STATIC99(R) is under investigation and jail cells are opening for you ALL.

    I'm very close to proving my innocence Amy and when I do,  ALL OF you...  who you can thank with Amy Klobuchar and the rest for today being the beginning od THE END OF YOUR CAREER, YOUR REPUTATION...YOUR LICENSE...WATCH WWW.DRAMYPHENIX.COM YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN WISE TO UPHOLD YOUR OATH

    I have my own Diagnosis for you: Corrupt, Evil and Unethical. Welcome to my World, Amy.

    Thomas W. Evenstad

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